• Une plongée fascinante dans les méandres féminins du pouvoir nazi.

    Goering, Goebbels, Himmler, Heydrich, Hess, Bormann... derrière ces noms synonymes de pouvoir et d'influence dans l'Allemagne hitlérienne, se cachent Emmy, Magda, Margarete, Lina, Ilse et Gerda. Compagnes des plus hauts dignitaires nazis, elles ont participé à la conquête du pouvoir, se sont tenues au côté de leurs époux, les ont encouragés parfois.

    Ferventes idéologues, personnalités fascinées par Hitler ou en quête de pouvoir et de richesse, elles jouèrent un rôle déterminant dans la conduite des affaires du Troisième Reich. Et pourtant, écartées des grands procès qui ont suivi la Seconde Guerre mondiale, elles furent largement reléguées au second plan de l'Histoire.

    Explorant pour la première fois le destin de ces femmes de nazis, James Wyllie pose une question fondamentale: pourquoi ne tient-on pas les femmes autant responsables de l'Histoire que les hommes ?

  • Femmes de nazis Nouv.

    Femmes de nazis

    Wyllie James

    • Pocket
    • 10 Novembre 2021
  • They were the most unlikely siblings -- one, Adolf Hitler's most trusted henchman, the other a fervent anti-Nazi. Hermann Goering was a founder member of the Nazi Party, who became commander of the Luftwaffe, ordering the terror bombing of civilians and prompting the use of slave labour in his factories. His brother, Albert, loathed Hitler's regime and saved hundreds -- possibly thousands -- across Europe from Nazi persecution. He deferred to Hermann as head of the family but spent nearly a decade working against his brother's regime. If he had been anyone else, he would have been imprisoned or executed. Despite their extreme and differing beliefs, Hermann sheltered his brother from prosecution and they remained close throughout the war. Here, for the first time, James Wyllie brings Albert out of the shadows and explores the extraordinary relationship of the Goering brothers.

  • There is a continuing interest in the history of Hitler's Third Reich. This is a quirky, untold story of Hitler's Third Reich that uncovers the Goring brothers' bizarre relationship. It is illustrated with many rare archive photographs.

  • While battalions hunkered down in the mud of western France, anti-aircraft guns took aim at zeppelins floating over the capital, and Atlantic convoys tried desperately to evade German U-boats, another, more secret battle was underway. Down gloomy Whitehall corridors a team of eccentric and pioneering codebreakers were fighting for information that would give them a decisive advantage over the enemy. The new technologies of wireless and telegraph were vital for governments and the military, but vulnerable to interception. Cracking the codes used to protect them quickly became a crucial part of the war effort, and London Room 40, led by the charismatic and cunning 'Blinker' Hall, was at the centre of this push for intelligence. Not content to wait for enemy communications to come to him, Hall was soon running agents in other countries, particularly in neutral USA where German saboteurs were intent on damaging the essential flow of munitions to Britain. The stories of Bletchley Park and the spies of the Second World War are well known, but it was Room 40 and their colleagues across the intelligence services that started it all. From the docks of New York City to shady Cairo hotels, this is the gripping and fast-paced story of spies, codebreakers and saboteurs.

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